10% of Meals at Copper Branch Peterborough

Copper Branch follows a "Eat Clean, Think Green" mantra - in fact they are a 100% Plant-Based Power Food.
They are fully vegan and offer delicious sustainability sourced dishes.
In Peterborough, the staff has been a strong advocate for Green Acts, such as:
- Ensuring foods are wholesome and never processed
- Selling only 100% vegan dishes!
- Having recyclable and 100% Compostable To Go Bags
- 100% compostable take-out utensils
- 100% compostable straw
- Napkins made from 100% post-consumer

Our Motto: Live Life To The Fullest. Food is our energy and our life. Let’s choose to eat foods that actually nourish the body, that inspire us with flavour and variety, and that are good for our body and our planet.
Our mission is simple: Here at Copper Branch Peterborough we feel everything about plant-based eating is positive. With the mass consumption of animal by-products, we are all concerned with the volume of it all, which is affecting the planet’s well-being. For us, going vegan diverts the waste that goes towards animal agriculture, and with Copper Branch sourcing food locally, it can directly support local businesses. When we source locally, we’re helping local businesses and giving back to the community as much as we can in whatever way that is. It’s time we serve our community powerful and responsible foods.

We feel good following Copper Branch’s mantra, which is to empower, energize, and make people feel their best by serving the community food that’s good for them and the planet, to even have an Earth to live on is amazing so let’s stop messing with it and let’s start appreciating it.

Copper Branch is now offering deals to Random Acts of Green app users who reduce their greenhouse gas emissions .

1040 Lansdowne St W, Peterborough ON K9J 1Z9

2000 Green Points
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