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Awoke N Aware (A.N.A) is a Toronto based Lifestyle Apparel Brand.

Co-founders Kelly Saltzman & Cory Yefet have collaborated their love for the environment, wildlife & fashion to create modern and stylish clothing that has been designed ethically with outstanding quality-- They make IT EASY TO GIVE A F*CK.
About a year ago, Cory & Kelly started to develop their sustainable fashion brand, ‘Awoke N’ Aware’. After working long days at their 9 to 5s, they come home to their cramped Toronto condo (aka their office, warehouse, and home) to dedicate every ounce of free time & money to developing the brand. A brand that will make an impact on the environment and save wildlife. They quickly went from strangers to dating, to co-business owners. Every day they work to grow a new brand that will save the world, and it has developed an incredibly special bond!

Kelly & Cory have put in a lot of effort to make sure that every aspect of their brand is sustainable. Using only the cleanest processes for manufacturing, shipping, and have an array of products using only organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles materials. For example, to them, ethical means that people come first - their factories, at a minimum, use fairtrade and fair wage practices and have community engagement activities. In terms of their apparel, they use innovative low impact materials. Their hoodies have 8 plastic bottles per hoodie!
To top it off, ANA donates 15% of their profits to partnered wildlife conservation's. When you check out their different collections, you'll see product available with a rhino logo, elephant logo or polar bear logo. When you choose which logo to purchase, you're choosing which vulnerable animal your supporting!

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