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HOPE Pet Food
We’re on a mission to use science and kindness to make radically better and sustainable pet food with alternative proteins so that all living things can live in harmony with the needs of our planet. Not only are alternative proteins like insects nutritious and sustainable, but they are also delicious.

Saving the Planet Has Never Tasted So Good!

Baked in small batches with nutritious, sustainable, and hypoallergenic ingredients, HOPE's Berry Buglicious is an irresistible cookie with a yummy smell and even better taste. Made with Canadian insect protein - because bugs are just better! Beyond meat and beyond plants, this hypoallergenic superfood is packed with protein, omegas, and minerals.

These eco-delicious treats will have your BFF begging for more:

-Unique nutty-bug smell that drives dogs crazy.
-Proudly made in Canada
-Small size: perfectly made for training (or spoiling!)
-No artificial preservatives or common allergens
-Nothing weird - Just bugs

We shouldn’t have to pick between healthy pet food and sustainable pet food
As lovers of both pets and the earth, we noticed a huge gap in the pet food industry. Where are the sustainable options that fit our healthy active lifestyle? We want to create a better world for our furry family to live in – today and for the future. That’s why we only use sustainable and natural ingredients that are nutrient dense. Everything our pets need to thrive without breaking the planet!

Ingredients: Barley Flour, Black Soldier Fly (Protein, Grubs, Oil), Oats, Pumpkin, Kelp, Cranberries, Apple Cider Vinegar, Maple Syrup

Environmental Impact
Did you know that 25% of meat produced is going to feed our furry companions?

So say bye-bye to that carbon PAWprint! Every bag of HOPE contributes to a greener future. Our products produce 70% less greenhouse gas emissions, and require 90% less water and land than meat-based treats. That's why our packaging is also fully recyclable: we know big change starts small, and we focus on sustainability at every stage.

Redeem your green-points and treat your four-legged friend today!

2000 Green Points
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