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Nature's Aid is a family company, founded on the idea of creating amazing skin & hair care products that are truly natural, healthy, and really work. It's based on this philosophy that our skin gel was created, and it is the same philosophy we apply to every product we create.

Our goal is to make it easier for consumers to access natural, effective, and environmentally friendly personal care products. We all deserve amazing skin, incredible hair, healthier bodies, and a cleaner planet.

We believe that natural and eco-friendly products should be accessible to everyone. While every product we create must meet the same high standards in function and ingredients, we also aim to market them at an affordable price.

Personal care products have some of the worst recycling rates. As a company that creates natural beauty and body care products, this is an issue we feel compelled to address.

Looking at our children and grandchildren and thinking about their future, it’s impossible not to try and do our part. We also know that in this modern, busy world, money and time constraints can make “going green” challenging.

For this reason, we are trying to make greening your lifestyle as easy as possible by creating quality products that work really well, in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. Steps we have taken include:
- Sourcing ingredients as locally as possible (many are even farm to bottle)
- Creating vegetarian and vegan friendly products (the only non-vegan products we use are bee related honey and beeswax)
- Biodegradable formulas
- Cruelty free formulas – our products and the ingredients we source are never tested on animals
- Our liquid bath and shower products are packaged in 100% non-virgin plastic bottles
- Recently launched shampoo and conditioner bars packaged in boxes made in a carbon neutral facility
- Proud supporter of the Nature Conservancy of Canada

Next steps:
- We are looking to make all our plastic packaging 100% non-virgin for 2021 (or use alternative packaging)
- Expand our solid range of products, to reduce waste and eliminate the need for plastic packaging

Nature is more than just the inspiration for our brand, it provides the very ingredients that make up our products. You could say that we have a stake in nature based on our business; its strength and composition provide us with what we need to run a company; quality products for our customers. But it goes beyond that. As a company whose products are inspired by and created from nature, we see its beauty and significance every day; from its resilience to healing and regenerative properties, fresh and inspiring aromas, and aesthetic benefits, these all blend together to reinforce our genuine love for our environment and the need to protect it.

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