25% off any Simply Natural Canada products

Get 25% off any Simply Natural Canada (SNC) products.

Simply Natural Canada is a small batch natural products company based in Peterborough Ontario. They offer a wide range of all green and natural eco-friendly products, such as:

- Vegan soaps
- Vegan deodorants
- Bug spray

- Spray cleaners (& refill bottles)
- Shampoo bars
- Dish soap bars                                                                                                                  
- Unscented laundry products

All of the products are made with simple ingredients - citrus fruit peels, beer, wine, cider, lavender, maple syrup, honey and essential oils.

SNC uses surplus ingredients as much as possible - like spent grains and apple pomace.

In addition, waste-free packaging is offered. SNC ensures ALL packaging is minimal, and when wrap and labels are necessary, they are home-compostable and printed on 100% recycled paper. They even provide many of their products in refillable containers!

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of Simply Natural Canada’s company mission – to provide excellent quality eco-friendly products.

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