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Are you ready to step into the 21st Century with Deelat Industrial's solar lighting products? It's a cost-effective and environmentally friendly decision use solar lighting and other solar products, and we've got you covered with quality items at affordable prices. Deelat's wide range of solar solutions includes panels, landscape lights, street lights, water heaters, pool heaters and Christmas lights. We even have indoor solar lights!

DEELAT SOLAR LIGHTS are eco-friendly, use sustainable clean energy, durable, long lasting and are designed with a stylish appearance.

As a small company, we had the flexibility to pivot from a regular e-commerce site, to a environmentally conscious company with accountability to our community and environment. The larger value of going green relates to maintaining the health of the environment. Utilizing DEELAT SOLAR LIGHTS can prevent the waste of natural resources, helping reduce the risk of depletion on the long run; i.e. oil and gas! Going green to us means preventing the waste of electricity–or as elaborate as utilizing alternative forms of energy (i.e., solar or wind energy). The goal of making these changes is to preserve natural resources by using those that are sustainable, or by taking measures to reduce the amount consumed.

We are proud to be finding alternative ways to source energy for Albertans and Canadians alike. We are proud to hear the countless stories of energy and cost savings that DEELAT SOLAR LIGHTS are providing to communities, schools, and home owners across the country. We are proud that in oil-rich Alberta, we have found a away to offer sustainable energy at competitive prices.

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