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La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces is a locally sourced, all natural, vegan,
dairy-gluten free gourmet sauce company founded and created by three entrepreneurial women from Hamilton, Ontario.

A few years ago the owners, Mary, Jo Anne and Marlow started this company because they saw a problem in the market place. There were no healthy convenient delicious plant based products with clean ingredients out there. More importantly, they saw a vision to take their glass jars and not just throw them in a landfill, but to clearly set out ideas for people to reuse them over and over again.

They set out to create a solution. Glass jar and metal lids, no plastic, no waste. They began educating people, first by showing consumers that their line of sauces aren’t just for pasta, but in fact, meals in a jar!
Then they gave them ideas on how to ‘reuse’ those jars, from holding crayons for children to using them as vases for fresh cut flowers.
The journey did not stop there, they carefully chose the right co-packer to assist in creating the in demand products. Their co-packer uses an eco system where the water from the large 1000 litre metal drum steam jackets, gets recycled and reused for future batch cooking.
When they first started, a very important component they were looking for was supporting farmers and allowing for business to business sustainability. As to not deplete one farmer of any one ingredient their co-packer now uses a hub where they draw from several farmers so that no one is left short.
All of these factors allowed the ladies to create a line of sauces that offer plant based, gluten/dairy free and vegan gourmet sauces and combined healthy living with great taste. All the while being consciously aware of how their products would affect not only healthy eating but a healthy environment leaving a better footprint for future generations.
Their innovations and sustainability process has allowed a unique and convenient solution that would help change the way Canadians eat by checking off all the boxes consumers demand and expect.
La Dee Da has cultivated a loyal consumer base that proves consumers were waiting for a healthy alternative that now allows them to create great and easy meal solutions, while being aware that they are helping the planet by reusing their glass jars over and over again. With new innovation on the horizon and an environmentally conscious outlook, La Dee Da is poised to become the healthy alternative to mass market sauces.

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